Methods And Materials For Teaching The Gifted by Frances Karnes Ph.D.

Methods And Materials For Teaching The Gifted

Book Title: Methods And Materials For Teaching The Gifted

Publisher: Prufrock Press

ISBN: 1593633475

Author: Frances Karnes Ph.D.

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Frances Karnes Ph.D. with Methods And Materials For Teaching The Gifted

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Methods and Materials for Teaching the Gifted, 2nd Edition offers strategies and resources for differentiating instruction for gifted learners. The book acts as an excellent introduction to gifted education curriculum planning, instructional unit design, evaluation, and teaching methods. This new edition expands upon the best-selling first edition with new chapters and fully updated information and research.

The chapters of this comprehensive textbook are written by respected leaders in the field of gifted education. The authors review:
  • the needs of gifted learners,
  • curricular planning and evaluation,
  • instructional practices, and
  • ongoing enhancement and support of gifted programs.
Chapters include topics such as differentiated curricular design, process skills development, building instructional units that challenge students, and evaluating learner outcomes. Also, instructional practices such as problem-based learning, creative teaching strategies, independent study, mentorships, classroom simulations, and more are addressed.

The book's contributing authors include nationally recognized leaders in the field of gifted education such as Carolyn M. Callahan, Ph.D., Susan K. Johnsen, Ph.D., Sandra Kaplan, Ph.D., Sally Reis, Ph.D., Julia Link Roberts, Ph.D., and Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Ph.D.

Fully revised and updated, the second edition of Methods and Materials also lists an array of up-to-date books, teaching materials, Web sites, and other resources.